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Fighting Pandemic

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Fighting pandemic is not just external but a lot to do with internal also. Personally this is about fighting fears:

a. fear of death due to virus and

b. fears of survival due to crisis

What typical goes wrong

Everything goes wrong. Life style is affected adversely, personal finances go for a toss due to global economic crisis, stress and tension builds up over the unpredictable future, disturbed mental balance due to extensive indoor stay, growth plans and work plans get stagnated, above everything constant worry for health of self and loved ones takes a toll on overall happiness. All in all, the life comes to a standstill as everyone helplessly stares at the present and the unforeseen future.

Some tips to handle the situation

‘Don’t worry be Happy’ – when you read this you may say, 'easier said than done'. But is there any other way? Anyways, even by worrying you will not change anything. So better be happy and do what is necessary.

Deal with Fears – Fear is bigger than the reality itself. So, deal with fears realistically. If you die, you will not know anything that happens after you. If you survive - 'Good News!' You are there to handle things yourself. Accept the worst mentally, so that anything lesser than that is always better. In the night if you get nightmares, wake-up fully and engage is some activity till you fall asleep again.

Competition is dead –

Invariably everyone is in the same boat someway or other, hence no competition. It is a collective struggle for survival though in different ways. Therefore everyone is thinking of collaboration.

Greater Finance Risk – Accept that if you have a house to live and food to eat, you are the blessed one. Upon that if you have money to worry about, you are rich. If you have commitments, so does everyone. Your problem is whole economy’s problem, hence look for shared solutions and cooperate.

Be empathetic – Come what may, be human. Be empathetic - morally, emotionally and if possible, financially. Extend a helping hand wherever possible.

Don’t watch too much of news – Stay updated stay alert, yet sometimes ignorance is bliss. You don’t have to know everything happening around the world as you are not going to do anything about it. So why increase anxiety. Know as much as is required to run your life.

Social media usage – Use social media in a limited way i.e. to entertain yourself and humor others. Refrain from spreading any kind of negativity whatsoever.

Boost your inner strength – Do something to increase your inner strength. Meditation is good to stay grounded. Know yourself more, that is the ultimate solution. Learn something new that feeds your soul.

These are my happiness mantras. Try it out if you like them too.

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