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Is there Happiness beyond Money or Power?

People lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health. – Dalai Lama

This world seems to be in a mad rush to earn money and power. The success is often measured in terms of accumulated wealth. One who does not have any money feels unsecured and longs to accumulate it and some others who have accumulated enough strive to safeguard and maintain it. Many also think that money is ultimate power to buy anything. It is worth pausing and introspecting.

Does this race for Money & Power really give ultimate Happiness?

What is real Power?

What is the payoff? Is it really worth it?

We all give importance to Happiness in our life but believe that money gives power to buy Happiness and hence Money becomes immediate important thing. Money is of course important but one should know where to stop and how to balance it. You may also become wealthy and powerful but at the end what matters most is what you want and not to forget that everything comes with a cost.

There are people amongst us who derive maximum happiness in doing little things by keeping the life simple but have chosen to remain anonymous.

So happiness is subjective and depends on what makes you happy. If you keep your wants simple, you may get time to spend this precious life in more meaningful things. Being greedy for self and our family makes our life miserable with little happiness and a lot of unwanted busy-ness (business).

When we get into this never ending rat race, it causes anxiety, stress; we go on continuous ego trips and accumulate disorders on our physical and mental health. These over a period surface as diseases. When the health deteriorates, lying down in ICU we think what we have done in our life so far. And the accumulated wealth spent in treating the diseases (sometimes with no result).

We probably start looking into deeper aspects after reaching here. Can we do something every day so that this can be avoided and we lead a balanced life from the beginning.

The Real Power..

The Truth is unconditional, unbiased and available to everyone equally. It is we who waste our life after life in meaningless activity traps. Any spiritual practice without purity in leading day to day life does not produce the desired results. The one who is pure at heart and leads a life of self-integrity is highly spiritual and need not do any rituals whatsoever. This person is unconditionally happy and radiates with energy which is contagious.

The real Power comes from such Self-Control. When we know what we want and we can act or stop according to our will without getting disturbed, we are in control and will lead a powerful life. It is about being natural and finding our true nature is the journey to unknown.

Arriving at total Purity of Mind and Purity in Actions is real hard work initially when we have messed up our internal and external life. All this junk has to be removed in order to realize our natural quality – Love. Many of us are lazy and procrastinate this process and often blame the circumstances. Life is like a school. You will go to the class as per your eligibility and that’s exactly how life is appears to you. You need to earn eligibility to go to higher classes by working on self and you experience life differently then. Working on every aspect of life are the lessons and assignments given to you and there are no shortcuts to this. You remain in the same class till you complete these assignments and you have choice.

Lastly it is easy to join the carnival with others and get lost at the end. But one who makes his own unique path to Home without any external dependency for happiness becomes blissful and rests forever at home sweet home enjoying unlimited freedom, love and happiness.


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