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The Learning Process is never complete without using the knowledge gained and benefit from the results and the insights. Sometimes, we may have starting trouble despite going through the training part and becoming familiar with the topic and methods.

This is where a Coach can be sought out to assist the "Coachee" in their journey towards actioning their learning and benefitting both from the results and the 'Aha' moments which are powerful 'insights' gained
by a practitioner.

We have trained and certified coaches available as part of our team and network and offer affordable micro packages to suit your budgets and needs from as little as 5 hours per month.

Our coaches have different types of expertise as needs vary and that is why we offer a range of options
for our learners.  

Life Coach

Life coaches can assist you and your family with challenges associated with yourself, relationships and other life goals where you seek breakthroughs.

Agile Coach

Agility today is practiced by 
many organizations and building an agile work culture can be quite daunting. A coach can help build internal champions to help such initiatives succeed.

Entrepreneur Coach

Entrepreneurship is a complex journey and an entrepreneur who is mostly alone often requires help to overcome work and people challenges. An Entrepreneur Coach is a trusted partner and sounding board in the Entrepreneur's journey.

Results Coach

Organizations demand results from their employees and managers. To meet such demands, employees need to learn to engage stakeholders at different levels and complexities. A Results coach can facilitate breakthroughs.

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