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Welcome to our E-Learning Page. This is one of our new initiatives as we roll out curated courses that are available at the click of a button at an affordable cost to help you learn at your own pace and convenience. 

We support you through recorded and live webinars, podcasts and companion blogs on each of the topics. New courses will be released regularly and notified on the store page ( and on this page as well.

You can click on the blue buttons below to access the store and get started right away!

Upcoming Courses


This course is designed especially for women who play the key emotional anchor for families and focuses on Emotional Wellness as well as various Relationships dynamics that women face.

Critical Thinking

This course takes you into a journey of understanding current concepts of various types of thinking techniques that can be used for foster creativity and innovation

Pink Sugar

Parenting Teens

Parenting is a key aspect especially for women and this program takes a look at various key aspects of Parenting in today's super busy world.

Pink Sugar

Second Innings

Many women take career breaks from their careers from their pregnancy onwards and find it hard to come back to mainstream careers - this course focuses on helping women discover their inner strengths and insights and re-launch their careers

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