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Transform people through learning
To inspire people to
transform and enrich their lives 

Love | Trust | Integrity |
Wisdom | Respect | Humanity 

Everyone has inner potential to overcome hurdles and create what they want for themselves & others - we facilitate this effort
When people are ready to bring change in their lives, we can help them transform to lead powerful and happy lives


Tattva Learning Labs - E-Learning Courses

Genesis of Tattva Learning Labs

Early days.....Launch of Awakening
a self Development Lab


The Founders of Tattva-Q share a common passion
- to engage with people from all walks of lives and
to help them find more significant meaning in their lives as they went about their everyday journey and ins
pire themselves and others. Every person that we have helped carries only one message from us - go and inspire ten other people today!


We also realized that this transformation could not be achieved by working with large numbers of people so we first launched a 2 day public progam called Awakening to work with people who were inspired to work with themselves.


Our experience with this program has inspired us to create a new program called "Life Conversations" since people wanted us to engage with them on a more regular basis.



Tattva....stands for everyone's Knowledge and Truth Quotient


Many people asked us as to how we can help them as they hardly had any time for themselves - we realized we were dealing with people who were very 'externalized'.


We started by defining 'life Anchors' for people and our journey took on more meaning as we defined two core Life Anchors - Knowledge and Truth - this helped us re-purpose our positioning and make it easier for people to understand us.


Tattva Learning Labs therefore is an organization that helps people get clarity about their lives - we like to call our engagement experiences as "Your Life - Your Truth".


So instead of force fitting more concepts on people who are already indundated by books, knowledge and wisdom, we simply helped people interpret their own lives and become more aware of their higher purpose.


Today, we are proud to say that the content of our program is rich due to the insightful contributions of many people who came forward to share, debate and reflect with us about their life experiences.


Silver Oak

Features of our Logo


Our Logo features a leaf of a unique tree called
the Silver Oak (Grevillea Robusta) - when we were launching Tattva Learning, wherever we travelled for inspiration across India, a Silver Oak leaf would show up in different colors and hues which for us represented a human being who passes through various stages of life and some of these trees live
for as long as we do! The eyes represent our inner wisdom.

People and Relationships

Personal Excellence Center
A developmental space for everyone


In October 2014, we thought of a space where people can come and work on various facets of their lives - we made a small beginning in that direction by creating a small multipurpose space in our office which we call a personal excellence center - we launched the facility in January 2015.






















We are happy to share that we have utilized the facility for training, coaching, counseling, focus groups, workshops, library and experiential labs.


We are now in the process of strengthening our online presence and be available to people 24/7 at a time and interaction medium of their convenience.



Employee Assistance Program


We have made our Counseling and Coaching services available to employee outside of their offices through our unique helpline which we launched in October 2014.


This helpline is used by employees and their families to addresss their personal issues related to aspects like emotional wellness, relationships, careers, goal alignment, work performance, personality development etc.


MSTQ Human Development Foundation

MSTQ Human


Social Responsibility


In May 2015, we launched our CSR activites under a foundation called 'Mystique' of MSTQ Human Development Foundation. Some of the activities that we have launched under the foundation are -


24/7 Helpline for Emotional Wellness


















We operate a public helpline where people can call us for tele-coaching and counseling. The helpline uses a sophisticated cloud based technolgy platform that allows us to schedule counselers and coaches who are remotely based on to our network.


Supporting Educational aids for Children


We support a startup who is creating unique syllabus comics in dual languages for school
children - we support their CSR activities in 
schools especially to underpriviledged children.



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