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Why Humanity suffers calamities?

Today the entire humanity is living in fear of Covid-19. Future looks uncertain with economy hitting rock bottom and no guarantee for anyone’s life. Amid all this some people seem to be expecting everything to come to normal soon to resume their activities as usual. Some are trying to adapt to the New Normal and some want things to fall in place as per them. What will really happen is a question on everyone’s mind.

Collective Karma and Individual Karma

Collective Karma has brought Covid-19 and individual karma will segregate who will be affected and who will be protected. Covid-19 is not the only one that is around but a lot of others events that emerge to even out the balance in this world.

What causes this kind of destructive elements in the world?

Lust, greed and hatred in the world cause these destruction. Each one thinks s/he is fair, and corrections are applicable to the next person. It is also often thought whatever little compromise they make in their life is due to life situations and they are not personally responsible for this, which does not agree with universal laws.

Lust for name, fame, money and possessions; is lust however big or small it is. One may think that they are pursuing goals in this world which should be acceptable. However 'How' these goals are achieved matters. What compromises are made and how many times ‘wohi ko sahi banaya’ counts. These need not be outwardly justified as each one knows deep down in their heart whether one is ‘wohi’ or ‘sahi’.

Universal Laws do not change based on majority acceptance

Universal laws are clear, and they do not change because a few people have been able to influence others to amend them to their convenience. Even by adding hundreds and thousands to any cause, Wrong does not become Right; just like terrorism does not become right even if half the world supports it. One cannot kill another at any cost by a whim. So, tuning into Universal Laws is a must.

Why good people suffer

Any unnatural action performed against the nature for one’s own selfish reasons will work against that person or even community at large whoever becomes part of such action. This sometimes affects the good people also and it happens so because good people have done nothing or not done enough for good to prevail. Not taking right action also falls under the category of inaction when one is supposed to act. Similarly, religious, regional, sects and color battles are very low-level causes to fight for.

Humanity First

Human beings are part of divine and divinity is their true nature. Compassion, love, harmony and giving; is the true nature of human-beings. Hatred, jealousy, selfishness, lust origin from the fears of human minds that are unaware of their truth.

To keep it simple one should know when the need ends, and the greed starts for anything in their life and accordingly act for larger good. Anything that works against humanity will bring self-destruction sooner or later.

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