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Self-Management during crisis times

Often only in the moments of crisis we get to know our real strength and how resilient we are in life. Crisis never comes with a notice and hence it becomes imperative for everyone to stay prepared for the tough times. It is true that life keeps us busy right from the childhood and we never really get formal time to prepare for the tough times nor there is any formal syllabus for this. Does this mean life is unfair? Let us look at some aspects of it.

How does one prepare?

Life gives us only as much as we can handle. Some people may say that too much is happening at the same time around them. That is only because, the person has the potential to handle it. While we handle everyday issues, simultaneously there is a natural response that is set unknowingly as individual style of operation. This can be aggressive or passive, healthy or unhealthy, beneficial or harmful, there is always a response.

It is important to watch this natural response and see if it is effective in dealing with smaller crisis. When one is watchful of his own behavior and make necessary changes from time to time, he is being more proactive and inculcating positive mind-set. This itself is the preparation for a larger crisis and these small moments prepare us for the bigger events of life.

Shifts happen at three levels

We work at three levels simultaneously Material, Mental and Spiritual. When we shift habits and behaviors for good – the changes are happening at Gross body level. This is somewhat easier than the other two. All that one needs is discipline and commitment to shift at gross body level. If you know you are following unhealthy or harmful practices, better change. During stressful times watching how the body reacts and bringing conscious changes can really help. For example: In the moments of anger if you go out of control, be aware and control your anger. If the body is unable to take it, you can have a breakdown. Listening to body is important.

When we train the mind to stop worrying and start living, we are working at the Mental level. Constant worrying are the thoughts imposed by the mind that are mostly unreal. Since mind has no boundaries, it can make anything look real and scare us. It is important to bring the focus and be aware that all thoughts are not real and even if something worst comes our way, we have no choice but to face it. Worrying is not going to change anything. Hence the mind must be repeatedly stopped from flooding us with unnecessary fears. This kind of work needs some coaching and it is a long-term effort. However, this is a powerful tool to keep balance and control throughout life.

The third and important level at which we function is Spiritual. Actually, all the core answers to life lie in this quadrant. What we do mentally and physically is the conception of our intuition. Spiritual being in us is the intuitive self. This has got all the answers and emanates peace from within. When we tune into our intuition we exactly know, what we should do. Since life is different for everyone, only we know what we really want and what we can do. Clarity gives power and confidence. Thus, this also needs practice and attention.

In a nutshell Self-Management is about responding to external events keeping the inner balance. The key to inner balance is the perfect coordination of body, mind and spirit which is attained by regular practice.

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