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My Covid Story - Hope & Positivity

The world is battling Covid with thousands grieving for their loved ones, lakhs of people fighting the virus in the hospitals and homes, many stories coming to light of the pain caused in the process of taking care of their loved ones and of themselves. Difficulties faced while arranging medicines, oxygen and even getting a bed in the hospitals is saddening.

Amid all these things we also hear how some middlemen are trying to make some extra money in black markets, service providers extorting unreasonable amounts from the victims and how some hospitals and medical practitioners taking undue advantage of this situation.

In this grim situation if my little story can give inspiration to even a few handful people, it would have served its purpose.

Here it goes…

I got to know I tested Positive for Covd-19 Virus on 20th April, 2021. Honestly, I somehow kept feeling it close comparing to last year when I heard Covid stories from distance.

As per my first response, I felt it is going to be awful and had many unpleasant thoughts all night on the day one. When the symptoms began to show up, the first task on hand was to seek medication and to follow protocol.

The unpleasant thoughts what if “I die of Covid? What happens to my family?” sort of questions passed my mind for the first two days. Then I told myself, I cannot do anything even if something of that sort happens other than to accept the reality. All that I could do is to fight and stay positive.

Physical Suffering

I accepted that there is going to be some physiological pain and it got to be treated. So, I followed doctor’s instructions for medication and kept talking to my body. Treating body with respect and care is the primary thing that a lot of people ignore. Telling the body that it is going to be fine is a practice that helps healing faster. Acknowledging body's pain and staying with it instead of denial helps lesser inner fight. However, the key is to stay positive with body and give positive affirmations.

Mental Toughness

Mind is a monkey. It indeed creates thoughts and fears that make you believe in it as real. Worry arises from these thoughts that gives strength to the negativity causing misery and suffering. Hence if mind is mastered a lot of things can be handled with ease. I knew this from my past learning.

While staying with the pain and witnessing everything that was happening around me, I stayed in absolute focus to do what is required and not to allow the mind to derail into worry. Since all family members also had Covid at the same time, we kept talking to each other and staying in support to each other. We did not discuss much on ‘what ifs’ and never allowed unwanted imaginations to stretch. We just ensured that we were well prepared for any emergency and assured each other that we will overcome this, and 'This Shall Also Pass.'

Emotional Balance

Our friends and extended family stayed with us to support us and kept talking on phone. That emotional support gave more energy and kept us engaged with outside world.

We kept laughing, watching the shows we like to, kept away from News and rested as much as possible.

Spiritual Energy

I kept chanting God’s name as much as I can and strongly believed that each time, I say His name I am developing positivity and antibodies to kill the virus. I have this immovable faith that GOD CAN DO ANYTHING, and I do not need any logic to prove this right. It simply works for me. I asked Him in my heart if everything is fine and the family will be fine. He said, “Yes, all are going to be fine soon.” And I simply believed it.

From 4th to 7th day of infection, my saturation (oxygen levels) dipped to 89% on oximeter but I was upright. I did not experience any breathing difficulties or issues while my family was concerned about it. They kept checking it several times in the day and night and thought we must prepare for oxygen. I stood grounded in faith and recovered. I felt my spiritual energy was holding me more than the strength of my gross body. Saturation slowly bounced back to 98%.

Today on 14th Day, we have all recovered and are fine. The credit of this goes to none other than ‘MEHER BABA’ who is my Master and God who taught me Positivity and Trust all my life and same energy I gave to my family. We are extremely thankful to Him for holding our hands and sailing us through smoothly through these difficult times with minimum suffering. “Faith gives power, doubt causes worry”, came true once again. I chose to stay in faith as Always and overcome this situation.

I do not say that everyone’s situation is the same. However, I strongly believe, “Outside is as we are Inside.” This means how we think and feel in our hearts, our external life is going to be the same. So, the power to change anything lies within us.

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