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Love can make you..

Love is essence of life. Though we hear and talk about it all the time, we often fail to convey this when it comes to real life situations. Many of us have at least one story of losing a relationship due to miscommunication or misunderstanding. What we do in such situations is everyone's guess. Obviously that relationship falls apart along the time and leaves a bad memory.

Can we have a different response for such breaking relationships?

Here is my take on this.

Happiness linked to Love

Every Relationship is different and it really matters what are the stakes in the relationship. Emotional stake is the topmost on the list. Relationships are driven by love & love is a powerful emotion that can make or break a lot of things in life. Even by keeping love at a low key, you can play safe but can never experience the intensity of real happiness of life. So love becomes necessary to lead a passionate life.

No Trust No Love

Trust is the life blood of Love that keeps the relationship alive. When trust is lost, love is also lost. Trust is also about believing that the other person is always acting in the best interest of the relationship. However since the perceptions and expectations are different the definition of "best interest" are also different. However when love overpowers the perceptions and logic, it moves beyond the worldly norms and limitations to win the other person with intuitive heart where logic need not be explained.

Selfishness is common

Human beings are normally selfish. Practicing high level selflessness in loving relationships is often challenged in many ways and becomes hard to justify when things go sour. Those who move above give and take conversations in loving relationships get to experience the panorama of fulfilled life. Moving from selfishness to selflessness calls for realizing the fact that real happiness lies in making others happy.

Breakups can only postpone the lessons

When break-up is chosen as option without resolving the underlying issue, by all means the experience repeats with a different individual in a different scenario till the lesson is learnt. So it makes a lot of sense to stay in the situation with courage and face it honestly till a proper mutually respectable conclusion is drawn. This is of course not applicable to life threatening and abusive situations. It also has to be realized that along with every broken relationship, something ends inside the people who are involved. If it is for good for or bad is of subjective.

Love can make you

Whatever may be the case pure Love has the power to resolve everything and make life beautiful. Nothing but love gives fulfillment that fills heart with sweetness & happiness. Being love rather than looking for love is lot more powerful. It needs practice and commitment to grow. And some tips to start with are :

  • Giving without having to be recognized

  • Acceptance without judgments

  • Freedom to stay natural

  • Putting down the guards & conditions

  • Minimizing the expectations

  • Sharing & communication

  • Peace without domination

Love as a river keeps flowing in our lives through the thick and thin, peaks & valleys and it is only about experiencing different forms of love without having any fixations and the need to paint the picture we want to see.

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Jun 11, 2020

Dear Kamakoti

It's a pleasure you found the blog useful.

You also explained the philosophy of Beloved Meher Baba beautifully. Thanks for sharing His online library. It's also nice to know your thoughts about the topic. Keep sharing. See you around.


JAMBO: Jai Avatar Meher Baba, Our Innermost Loving SELF (OILS):

"LOVE is the drug I am thinking of". Its a song by Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music. Everything that has been said in this article is true. But one needs to be Discriminative & Dispassionate (Vivek & Vairagya) about LOVE.

LOVE is a word thrown about like a cricket ball or baseball or basketball or kicked around like a soccer football, during the daily 16 hours of our waking state of Consciousness (wsC). Real LOVE or True Love is something that is spontaneous and effortless. Pure Love is a GIFT of the Perfect Master or Sadhguru, as quoted by Meher Baba in DISCOURSES who maintained SILENCE for almost 44 years…

Vidya Yedavalli
Vidya Yedavalli
May 03, 2021
Replying to


Your comments are always insightful and your conviction is commendable. Thanks for leaving your thoughts.

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