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If success means happiness, ordinary people who are happy are also successful

In this competitive world everyone is constantly stressed out to over perform the others to get recognition and to be called Successful. It may be difficult to trace when and how this race began and why being successful becomes so important in human life. Was life like this from the beginning or it is delusion created by a few people or inherited from the west? Even if many people say it, do we have to follow it even when it does not resonate with our consciousness?

At the end, the purpose of Success is always connected to Happiness. We think when we become successful, we will be happy which is always a continuous moving target. Have you ever thought why should success and happiness be always attached to something different, higher or a difficult target?

Is it a Mind Game?

Human mind likes challenges and when it achieves its goal, its ego is satisfied. It feels happy that it is a mighty one. Then it moves to the next best challenge and goes on endlessly. Do we really like conditional happiness? No, these conditions come from the Mind that never rests and always longs for something it presumes it does not have.

Mind likes to be in Power and gather the most acceptable instruments of power to be at its disposal. It is often found that the most socially acceptable norms of power are Status, Money and People. Hence the longing to get this status becomes a wild goose chase as it moves from up higher and higher in stages.

What do you think about some highly admired successful people going back to basics like Sridhar Vembu, Founder of $15BN Company Zoho Corporation leading a quite simple life in a small village or an Abdul Kalaam, the former President of India? What does their life stories teach us?

Success belongs to Mind, Happiness belongs to Heart

Material success belongs to the mind. Heart can swing to a melody, can become sensuous with a blow of breeze, uplift the spirit by a simple sight and can get moved by a loving touch. This is known to all. However, mind overweighs heart till the common sense starts working after considerable experience and time. And this happens around retirement and hence the saying ‘Men spend all their health to make money and then spend all their money restore health’. Wise are those who pick it up early in their life.

Life is a Perception

Life will look as we see it. When we look at our life and its happiness from others point of view there is an endless dissatisfaction because there are unlimited perceptions. If one knows what one wants honestly from the heart, the search for happiness becomes easier and simple. There is a high possibility of having enough time to stay with what one has and enjoy it which is the real essence of life.

Value Shift can make you happy instantly

Values are core pillars of life. We live for what we value. The next generation is watching closely and learning from all that is done by the older generations as they place them on higher pedestal. When there are mixed values, one does not set any good example for others and spoil the environment. Hence it becomes important to watch values honestly and shift them if required.

With this deep understanding life can become happy instantly. Instead of having a few successful people in this world, there will be millions of happy people enhancing the positivity. Shifting values is like changing gear to accelerate the happiness in life. Being ordinary does not mean being losers, it could also mean leading a contended, satisfying life with responsibility.

Ordinary can be happy too

One need not do extraordinary things to experience happiness. At the end it is realized that happiness is about pausing, enjoying, and spending the time as our heart wants and sharing love with our dear ones. Being in the moment fully and having peace in life is of utmost importance than to run after the mirages of materialism. This is possible even by being normal, fulfilling life’s basic needs and keeping healthy relationships. That is how people were happier in the olden times. They valued Togetherness, People and Happiness instead of things, spaces and comforts.

Happiness is a natural state

To sum up, innovation and achievements are important which should be like adventurous journeys with fun and not with stress. Contribution is better than competition. We all come with our natural happy states and as a child we have experienced this abundance. There is difference between comfort and luxury and the sooner we identify it, happier we are.

The focus here is to highlight the importance of those ordinary people who can contribute to the continuation of life cycles with their simplicity. These people quietly contribute to the balance of this universe. Success is not in few spikes of life. The real success is in having a consistent, free flowing, balanced, peaceful life which includes everything and everyone naturally. These happy minds will enhance the happiness quotient of this globe.

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