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Yesterday I met a printer servicing technician. In his 50's, he was knowledgeable, passionate & sincere at his work. His diagnosis about printers was perfect with feasible solutions. 30 years of experience & knowledge with Awards & Rewards, yet did not make much money as he mentioned. He loved what he was doing & was passionate about his work.

After he left it triggered to me, this country has so much talent yet many are unrecognised.

Not all Entrepreneurship journeys end up in success stories. There are millions who just stay average or give up when struck with hard realities of life. Out of some who fight relentlessly for their dreams, only a few succeed. Still the entrepreneurs do not give up. They continue their struggle in anticipation of getting recognition & reward some day.

Self motivation, consistency, vision, planning, smartness, etc., - all self-help techniques are great & entrepreneurs learn and practice them during the course of their journey.

Let's see what others can do to support this cause:

Organizations / People sincerely should support Entrepreneurs with business opportunities without any bias & be little more liberal on terms of business.

Not to squeeze them with extended credit terms & pay them on time.

Nurture & extend required support for a win-win situation.

Each one supporting the Entrepreneurs in their Circle in possible ways will produce chain effect resulting in greater good.

These initiatives will probably give life to many more Dreams to come true encouraging our Next Generation for building a Greater India.

I sincerely wish Success to all those who walk their path of heart to realise their dreams.

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