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Choose People over Things!

Often life puts us in situations where we are asked to make choice between ‘Beliefs’ and ‘People’ and sometimes these ‘People” are someone we deeply love. Theoretically we believe people are important than things, in practice we do just the opposite knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. And then we wonder why the other person is responding differently and why those relationships fade away with time. Here are some thoughts to ponders.

Beliefs are stronger than emotions

What we sub-consciously 'Believe' are translated into 'Actions', while ‘Emotions’ are response to such Actions. Emotions can be shifted, hard to move beliefs. That is why we see people break-up easily due to ego clashes and shift their emotions but do not let go of their beliefs. Instead making accommodative alterations in actions and heartful communication could easily bridge these conversations which is found to be so hard.

Beliefs are Personal

Our actions are aligned to our beliefs which is not guaranteed when it comes to others towards us as the ‘Beliefs are Personal’. We go any distance to prove our beliefs, they become our second skin and hard wired that cannot be changed easily. Beliefs shift only when someone consciously makes an effort. The surprise comes when the emotions are hurt due to other’s actions that do not agree with one’s own belief. However, it is often forgotten that such beliefs are for self and not for others; they are not obliged to follow them.

Choose People over Things

The practices, the things, and the experiences we value are ‘Things’ only for us. We are lucky if we find likeminded people to share these but cannot be enforced upon. When one bends upon to prove that one’s practices and beliefs are superior to the other, the love in the relationship fades away; and this could happen in any relationship. It is at this point the light of wisdom must be brought to see if what is Believed is superior to the People we let go!

Highest Value is Love

Self-respect is about living one’s own Values but not making others living your values. Age has nothing do with this. Enforcing the values on other by virtue of age and any kind of superiority is meaningless and impractical. There is no other value greater than Love. When the response is from the heart of love, it never goes wrong and the one who knows that one’s response is from that heart of love should stand for it even alone when required.

Stay in Love even if it is hard

Acting with this wisdom in compassion towards others is the first step when it comes to giving. When at the receiving end, standing up for Love is far more important than to ‘give-in’ even if the majority is acting otherwise. If the other choses ‘Things’ over ‘Person’, seeing that with clarity and choosing one’s own course of action consciously without hurting self and having any personal agenda is also utmost important.

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