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A Birthday note..

On this day every year, this thought definitely crosses my mind and I kept thinking about it in different angles over years which has also evolved now. That very thought is the inspiration to this Blog. I am sure this question is there for many of us who will definitely resonate with me.

The important question is 'The Purpose Question' in any matter and 'The Purpose of Life' is the most important one. Am I living the purpose of my life? This is the first question I wake up with on every birthday specially - which is a mark of one more year of living this precious life. It is said each one is made for a cause and every one should strive to accomplish the cause they are made for.

If I look back, many early years of my life went about building self-confidence and self-worth in the form of degrees, experiences and learnings. The next few years went about making a living in this world followed by sustenance. Then came the stage of proving my worth to this world and the need to have an Identity, in the crowded places where everyone was someone. Getting appreciation and recognition in this crowd was a difficult thing though I got some success in doing so, I believe. Now, is it enough or do I need more, is of course a different question. Professionally, I became a entrepreneur, an author and a professional keeping a happy family life which was quite a lot for an ordinary woman like me.

Soon the identity drive faded away. It felt it was a wild goose chase as there was no end to this because the scope was very large and the place where I wanted to prove the worth also kept enlarging. Hence, It is only I who were to decide how I wanted to see myself in this world. Do I live my life from others point of view or do I live life to my satisfaction was totally in my hands.

Fitting into the different definitions of 'Success' was another challenge. There are many definitions of success and I had to find my own definition which too kept evolving with time. I found many in the name of success were aiming to become richer and powerful.

So the next question was, Is Being Rich & Powerful the goal of life? I looked within and looked around again and found that many people believed Rich & Powerful people are happier, hence they also wanted to be so. Later I learnt that this was also not fully true. Many rich people were in search of happiness.

Hence, I concluded "Happiness is the goal. Success can give happiness but happiness does not always need success. Happiness reigns the world".

My quest took me to the pinnacles of spirituality which has shown me the taste of real Happiness. This world has many beautiful things and creation is the most amazing thing that can ever happen. To experience such beautiful things of this creation, I had to have equally amazing heart that buzzed with freshness, humanity, energy, zeal to explore and staying alive, which I was as a child and now I were to simply restore it and live it every moment.

Drawing a right balance between material pursuits and human values, to spread happiness and to live a happy life is of higher importance than just gathering wealth and staying with sick mind. This is my learning in my small world. Not copied from books, nor mimicking others. I have found this and hence it means a lot to me. It helps me stay grounded and not to get carried away by outside temptations.

Sharing this on my Birthday is an affirmation for me and a confirmation to those few who think on the similar lines.

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