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Happy Workplaces - Insights on your personality at work

Happy Workplaces

Happy Workplaces was primarily designed to empower the individuals at work who felt the solutions to one’s workplace problems is always with others whether it their bosses, clients, colleagues, vendors, circumstances or organization. We felt it is important to put perspective in place that we can become happy the moment we choose to be happy.

Insights - Personality attributes @ work

We designed a gamified pre-assessment helped the participants to get insights on their 5 important attributes of their personality at work such as:

  1. Personal Direction

  2. Responsibility & Ownership

  3. People & Relationship

  4. Efficiency at Work

  5. Support at Work

Participants were provided customized results for their assessment. They were thrilled with their results and said the assessment helped them understand their own pattern of thinking and doing things.

Learning from the workshop

So far we have worked with 150 odd people and they said the learning from the workshop came as a flash and handy when they were in similar challenging situation next time and they did something different as their response to the event, which is of course the core purpose of the program.

The 4 hour workshop packed with experiential activities, fun and games gives powerful insights and makes one think about their own strategy for the life situations and the work place challenges. When the solutions come from within the richness is always different and stays longer. That is what we think is happening to our participants and they are happier in their lives.

We know the fact that our journey has just begun. It is long way to go for us and touch many more life to bring Love and Happiness in their lives which are equally important at workplaces.

Talk to us if you would like to extend this happiness to your people in a novel and creative way.

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