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How can we grow Love & Trust at Workplaces

Love is the core nature of human beings and everyone knowingly or unknowingly is only in search of love and workplaces are no exceptions. In fact the place where we spend maximum awake time requires it more. If we are happy at workplace, we come back home happier and able to provide more to our families.

There is a myth that talking about Love & Trust at workplace is not so acceptable and may not be even practical. If you look at the deep structure of relationships in business there is Love and Trust in every performing and successful team.

Thanks to the changing times, the horizon of Love is broadened and no more confined to a few limited relationships in our life. Human heart is capable of spreading infinite love and will still have space for some more. Love spreads happiness and happiness is the only Success everyone is chasing.

So how to translate this in everyday behaviors? Here are some tips:

Trust grows by Trusting: What we give comes back to us. If you want to be trusted, learn to trust others. Caution does not mean mistrust. Personal insecurities in the name of caution can sometimes play trick on the mind and end up in manipulation. Be aware, spare a moment to introspect and be courageous to replace it with self-trust and to trust others.

Compete but do not kill each other's growth: Compete for good things and accept others good ideas. Compete to create better ideas and provide better service. Spending anytime to pull down others or killing others growth ideas is wasting the precious time in creating something useful instead.

Your weaknesses are not others fault: Accept that if you are not able to accomplish something in your career, it's not others fault. Work on self and improve yourself to feel worthy and to be useful to the organization. Also extend an helping hand to the colleagues and friends who are struggling to learn. This will give you a lot of happiness as happiness grows by spreading.

Clarity Precedes manifestation: Only if there is clarity in thoughts, there will be clarity in action. Hence clarity precedes manifestation. Work on clarity for self. Check if you are in the right job, at right place and do you love what you do. If not change the place as cribbing does not help. Proper planning saves a lot of time. Have a blue print of the plan of what you want to achieve in your mind and be open to modify it if required.

Empathy and Being Human is also Love: Love need not be necessarily and always be expressed with roses and goodies. Being empathetic at work is also love. Valuing every human being is love and to make an honest attempt to connect to the other is also love. In a rush to complete a lot of things at work, don't forget you are dealing with human beings and every connection matters for your own growth.

Be enviable but don't become jealous: Being enviable means being a magnet for positive things. Be someone that people look up to you as a role model for many things in their life. This does not happen by mere talking and boasting. It calls for leading an authentic life and it is very much possible to practice authenticity at work too. On the other hand being jealous of someone will burn you first before harming the other. Jealousy is like someone does something you slap yourself.

Every long journey starts with the first step. Working on these simple things will really contribute to transform workplaces into Happy Workplaces.

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