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“People plan budgets for holidays but do not keep any budget for Learning”

It may be unfortunate but true. Today while having an intense conversation with a learned friend of mine who is successful executive coach and trainer for more than 20 years said, “In India education is not valued. People make budgets for holidays but do not keep any budget for learning”. This made me think deeply. It is not that I am totally unaware of this but when I heard this from him and it somehow moved me. I felt I should change something about this. This one is my little effort towards that.

Current Education System in India is all about finding jobs

Gone are the days when people used to go to schools and colleges in pursuit of real knowledge and growth. Today’s education is meant only for making careers and money. The school and college selection is only based on the college results and the placements abilities. No one really pays attention to what is really learnt in college and if the child has really become a better individual. Hence the educational institutions have any become factories producing people with certificates qualifying for getting jobs.

Who has to be blamed for this? Is it the system or it is the people who are responsible for this situation. I leave the answer to you as that is not my focus right now.

Learning is an Attitude not a Skill

The bigger issue of current times is the attitude and openness towards learning. Adults often feel that they know everything and don’t have to do anything extra in updating themselves. Seeing the seniors the next generation also forms such opinion quickly. There are of course a few exceptional people who are humble enough to have great attitude of continuous learning.

It is found that the problems of life are pushed under the carpet until it grows so big that it starts hurting. There is a long wait before action is taken hoping everything to settle down on its own. Sometimes this wait is so long that a huge cost is paid at the end.

Some take escapist route into diverting themselves, busy socializing to pass time and holidaying to keep away from life realities. This also seldom helps as the day comes when one has to get to real work.

Insecurity, lack of trust, fear of failure, ego trips, living life from others point of view and living in denial are important causes of this kind of behavior.

Embrace Life fully - that’s the real high

Life is not worth wasting time in fears and inaction. The whole universe is constantly is expanding and growing and that is reflecting everywhere now. If one has to keep pace with it, one has to take the pain of learning and growing to experience the life to the fullest.This is possible only by improving self through expanding the horizon of knowledge, open to feed back and working on self.

I personally always felt Learning is very important and it is an endless journey. Lifetime is not enough for real learning if one is committed. I feel the whole world is open to me and hence each day becomes an opportunity to get better and happier which expands the life’s canvas and improves the over all satisfaction. Learning is part of my annual plan. I learn 2 new skills every year and keep a certain budget for it. This has been my practice for more than 15 years now. It feels the universe is in continuous conversations with me and teaching me all the time and that really motivating and makes me feel good about myself.

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