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IQ Programs

Welcome to Tattva-Q Skills Academy. We offer a range of programs for skill building for professionals. These programs are offered both as on location and online delivery modes.

Featured here are popular programs that are requested by most clients. However, we can also create bespoke programs as a learning project. For more details please write to us at or call us at +91-95383-37159.

Soft Skills for Everyone

TQ Time and Productivity Management

TQ Conflict Resolution

TQ Problem Solving and Decision Making

TQ Interpersonal Effectiveness for Success @ work

TQ Brand "You"
TQ Goal Setting
TQ Building and Managing Strong Teams
TQ Unleashing Creativity @ work

TQ Communication Skills
TQ Presentation Skills
TQ Public Speaking Skills

For Managers

TQ Mentoring TTT for Managers
TQ Coaching TTT for Managers
TQ Responsible Manager Series
TQ Managing Through Emotional Intelligence
TQ Stakeholder Management Skills and Techniques

For Leaders & Entrepreneurs

TQ Infinite Leadership Series

TQ Business Ethics
TQ Creating Business Models


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