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Tattva-Q Academy for Life Skills

Empowering People with Simplicity

What are  Life Skills  ?

What are  Life Skills  ?

Tattva-Q Academy for Life Skills offers series of Life Conversations that are relevant and important for our everyday life such as :

  1. Self Discipline and Clarity while dealing with self,

  2. Empathy and Communicating right while dealing with others,

  3. finding happiness & job satisfaction at work and

  4. finding our higher purpose and our contribution to society


These topics are part of everyone’s life someway or other dealt by everyone according to their own level of knowledge and exposure which differs from person to person. At all times we are thinking, processing and acting on the information fed to us and there is no escape to this. There is hardly any time when we are silent or not doing anything when we are awake as even our inaction and silence are communicating something.


What we are gifted with

How well do we perform in our life to make use of this valuable of lifetime for self-happiness and to spread happiness around us depends on our ability to learn, grow and contribute to make this life meaningful and happy. The eco-system we grow has provided some of the important tools like education, worldly knowledge, a few skills to earn our livelihood and some higher perspective to look forward and stay inspired.

Limitations & Challenges

However often we find ourselves helpless and un-resourceful in dealing with life challenges and look for some support and guidance with prudence. In times of difficulty, we try finding answers through books, listen to some teachers or try reflecting with our family and friends. In spite of all these efforts, the answers do not satisfy our inner-self and we always find some gaps with the external answers we find. This is because of the very human nature and the need to find answers him-self / herself.


Our Work

We at Tattva-Q understand that our work is not about suggesting answers but enabling people with the process and tools to find their own answers. In simple words we teach people fishing rather than providing fish which does not provide long term solution. Hence we have taken special care to ensure our offerings are “Coaching Based and Facilitated Learnings” with all the necessary support at your pace and comfort. We are committed to this service as it our contribution to the society and our higher purpose.


Why Life Skills?

We chose this as our focus area because we saw the gap between academics and spirituality on two extremes that do not really give hands-on practical solutions to life’s problems as it is. The right mix and application of these two, with the right attitude, mindset and skills at the right time and place is the secret to derive maximum from life. These simple techniques can be learned and applied by everyone at all times which is the objective of this program.


Our Definition of Life Skills

To access the ability, knowledge and talent available within useful for everyday life in order to gain: 

a/ to attain mental and behavioural efficiency

b/ personal success & happiness

c/ simultaneously handle and balance multiple areas of life

d/ social growth and development


Our Offerings

We have identified about 80+ topics essential for our life and offering it through our various programs to provide learning, sharing and growing opportunities as a community. We cater to different age groups ranging from 18 to 70. We understand the constraints of time and distance in today’s fast paced world and hence we have online and face to face sessions to suit the needs of the people. We are putting the best content and facilitators in place to ensure quality and consistency of service.

How it works

Design your self-learning calendar with us from the offerings. Subscribe for an annual membership and avail the following:

  1. One personality assessment with useful insights on your personality type

  2. Choose 10 interactive webinars of 90 minutes

    1. Webinars schedule will be communicated through email / will be available on website

    2. Block your seat in advance on WizIQ

  3. Three individual coaching sessions (face to face / skype) – Set up individual appointment

  4. Helpline Support – Call a Coach

  5. Email Support – Ask an expert

  6. Online content, blogs and material

  7. *Others upgradations from time to time


How do I enrol  for these courses?

For Open Enrollment, we offer a yearly package at a highly affordable price for age groups:
18 - 24
25 - 35
36 - 50
50 - 65
The course consists of following:
  • Choice of 10 webinars at your convenience*
  • 3 face to face coaching sessions 
  • Helpline for coaching and counselling
  • 25% on all seminars & workshops
For details please contact +91-784-784-8822
or write to us at
*We have a total course menu of 100 programs delivered by expert panelists who are duly accredited and certified by us on a regular basis.

Special Programs offered

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