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Awakening - A unique self discovery lab

Awakening is a unique 2 day self discovery retreat to help you reach a more optimal experience in life with your higher purpose more clearly visible and tangible to you.


Life is a potential door to learn the lessons faster, uplift the consciousness and experience higher happiness. This is possible only when life is lived to its fullest by overcoming the fears and pains, letting go of the unwanted baggage, building more fulfilling relationships with self and others, experiencing financial abundance and loving what is.


Awakening is about opening the doors to higher levels of learning from day to day life and leading a powerful positive life not only impacting oneself but also those around us.


It is a space where we work together to understand:

  • How you see the world

  • How has this model emerged over a period of time

  • Is your present powerful enough to inspire you to move towards your success

  • Core beliefs that are driving your life and how they can be shifted in the very now

  • Deeper aspects of relationships

  • Space for experiential learning to transform any aspect of life

  • How to attract financial abundance

  • Access our hidden potential and transform any aspect of life with higher purpose



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"I am  That"

Man’s eternal quest has been to know his real identity and purpose of his existence in this world. The journey of self-discovery is ever exciting and mysterious.


Many people who walked the path and found their truth have returned to share their experiences and to be torchbearers for others.


Though The Truth has been shared by the learned souls with the humanity many times, each person continues to hold the ultimate question -


“Who am I ?”. 


The answer “I am That” known theoretically has not been able to quench the thirst of the people for self- knowledge.


The fact is that each one has to find his/her truth though the core essence of the remains the same.


The question in each one will be there till everyone experiences it himself/herself.


Tattva Q does not provide your Truth readily but surely provides the learning space to awaken you to your true happiness and find bolts and nuts to bridge your path to the realty.


We contribute by conducting and facilitating various workshops and sessions on need basis for groups and individuals.


The sessions are facilitated by learned people who have spent years with various masters and teachers, worked on themselves and are graced especially not only to share this knowledge but to be torchbearers on the path.


These sessions are purely experiential based on various self-development, meditation, neuroscience and human psychology practices based on applied research and practice done by the facilitators over the years.


The Retreat is very engaging, intense and interactive sessions and practical processes that take you close to your true nature – “I am”.

  • "Tattva Q helped me discover my higher purpose goal in life – I feel more grounded thanks to Awakening"
    - Senior Consultant

  • "I want to Congratulate and Thank "TEAM TATTVAQ" for their intense retreat called Awakening. In the true sense of the word the programme 'Awakens' you from a deep slumber that you have been all your life."

    - Business owner

  • "Tattva Q's enlivening Awakening workshops bring new freshness and zest to the field of personal growth and awareness. One leaves feeling uplifted, motivated, and with a sense of direction."

    - Business owner







Awakening a powerful self development program
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