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Your Life. Your Truth.

“The way to increase knowledge is to put into practice that bit of spiritual wisdom a person may already happen to have.” - Meher Baba

Welcome to Tattva Learning Labs!

Life has various colors and hues - our learning, development and coaching interventions are designed to help people create their own learning journeys as they discover new skills, knowledge and wisdom through interesting, creative and meaningful life experiences across various life quadrants. To visit our e-learning course store, visit

Graphic Designing

E - Learning

Our E-learning courses are designed both for Individuals and Organizations.  Our courses help upskill and re-skill people on Professional and Personal topics. We welcome suggestions to create new courses from our Learners!

Business Meeting


We offer Experiential Workshops and Labs to groups, organizations, institutions and social / self-help organizations that can help improve their group interactions, communication, work rhythm and relationships.



Our Coaching interventions are available to individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders and small groups and we offer specific coaching tracks that suit coachee needs. Our coaching methods are suitably localized and adapted based on our extensive work with different teams and organizations.

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